A new perspective on athletic training! Rather than slapping together yet another program that requires you to completely reorganize your life to make it, we are creating a plan along with you that’ll fit your lifestyle.


Let us combine your commitment & our knowledge
to regain, sustain and upgrade your movement skills!
With targeted, sustainable, unbounded remote support &
transparent investments.

All our plans are monthly exchangeable & cancelable. You just pay for what you get.

OX | Vale 25€


Fundamental Programs To Craft Your Athletic Base & Season-Proof Your Movement System

Access to general warm-ups & weekly programs

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most popular
OX | RISE 45-75€


Individual Online Programming For Your Specific Fields Of Development

Access to general warm-ups & weekly programs

1-3x Individualized Training Session(s)/week directly onto your mobile device or desktop - updated weekly as you make progress

Video breakdown and feedback of key sessions from your coach (every 8 weeks)

Start Investing In Yourself With Rise!
OX | PEAK 145-175€


Individual Online Programming, 1-on-1-Online-Training & Direct Messaging Support

Access to general warm-ups & weekly programs

1-3x Individualized Training Session(s)/week directly onto your mobile device or desktop - updated weekly as you make progress

Video breakdown and feedback of major sessions from your coach (every 4 weeks)

1x additional 1-on-1 Online Training or Education Session/month (Skype)

Weekly support via direct messaging

Start Investing In Yourself with peak!

General Questions

  • It really isn’t for everyone. Don’t sign up if:

    • You need a trainer on-site as a motivation to show up and perform.
    • You’re not passionate about reaching your goals.
    • You’re looking for a quick fix to perform and feel great.
    • Online Training protocols for action sports and/or injury rehabilitation and prevention
    • Individualized programming delivered through a user-friendly website or app that you can use right on your phone or computer (RISE & PEAK only)
    • Regular video-conference calls with your coach (PEAK only)
    • Video breakdown of every single (PEAK only) or major (RISE only) workout from your coach, and a short turnaround time so that you always have feedback before your next training session
  • After your order, you will receive an E-Mail with all the access and log-in information you need to get started right away! Start your training with videos on how to perform the movements correctly, how to video yourself, and how to upload those videos for your coach’s review.

    You will then perform a diagnostic workout that will give you and your coach a baseline to work from. Upon completion of this workout (and form review), your coach will begin doing all of your programming, online coaching, and video breakdowns.

  • Commitment is key to your success: you commit to charting your results honestly and on a regular basis. It’s the data that ultimately becomes empirical evidence of your progression, and which allows the coach to modify the program toward your goals.

  • From personal experience, we know that life as an athlete can be very unpredictable. Consequently, we don’t believe in algorithms or automated protocols and will assign you to a real full-time athletic trainer who can adjust your program anytime to new circumstances. Up to now, sports scientist Pat Preilowski is supporting all 30+ athletes on his own.

  • You can start at home, on the road or in the gym with just a training mat!

    Recommended for the next level of commitment:

    • + Superband
    • + Miniband

    And highly recommended for a 100% commitment: 

    • + access to a well-organized gym
  • Sure thing! Using our 1-on-1-Training fee of 120€ per session as a starting point: in the OX | RISE package with 1 session per week, you invest 11,25€/session. With 2 sessions per week, it is 7,50€ and with 3 sessions it is only 6,25€! On top of that, you can get the OX | PEAK  package with one online 1-on-1 session plus the weekly support via direct messaging for + 100€, compared to the OX | RISE package. So, exactly the same unfiltered knowledge for a fraction of the initial 1-on-1 fee.